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Home Landscape Oil on Canvas Figure Oil Paintings on Canvas Watercolor Framed Giclees

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“Legacy” (24” x 36” original oil on canvas) is a composition that depicts my Dad’s saddle, who had passed away a little while prior to my painting of this significant part of his life.  As I began to paint this saddle, with just the dark background, I began to feel like I had to paint this, and not that I really wanted to.  Just as I was about to begin on the cantle, God’s Holy Spirit spoke, quietly to me to paint a triangle.  This absolutely made no sense to me, but I was obedient in hearing the voice of the Lord.  After I painted a triangle above the cantle, I thought to myself that this reminded me of my brand for my cattle as child, which was a Triangle with a C in the middle.  Upon recognizing this, I realized that this was not about me, but about my Dad, and his brand is a “Double Slash Lazy T”, which you see clearly painted above the back of the saddle.  Once I painted this essential brand of my Dad’s, and the importance of it on the many cattle that he owned and branded over all the years, my inspiration grew and sprang up to create my best saddle painting, titled “Legacy”…