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Here Comes Dad Where Eagles Soar

“Here Comes Dad…”  is an original 18” x 24”, oil on canvas that highlights one of my fondest memories, growing up on the ranch. We would start putting up hay, as soon as school got out in May, and would continue all summer until school started back up in the fall.  One of the bright spots in this hard work and hot summer days would be when Dad would be flying back from somewhere, and would swoop down and “buzz” us as we drove our tractors, putting up the hay. This would always be a highlight of our day, and in turn is a highlight of my childhood memories, when I could say, “Here Comes Dad…”

“Where Eagles Soar…”  is my latest 48” x 72” original oil on canvas, that renders the grandeur of the majestic mountains with the beauty of one of the most amazing creatures on earth, the Bald Eagle.  Thanks to Matthew Donoian for his great reference photo!  What inspired me about this rendering was the resplendency of this mountain and it’s reflection, and especially the consummating symbol of our nation’s heritage, the American Bald Eagle.  As we associate with eagles, we learn to soar to great heights, and understand…”Where Eagles Soar…”

The Testimony Of  God’s  grace
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